Sunday, 20 March 2016

Wild Duck (2013) by Yannis Sakaridis

On Tuesday 19 April at 19:00 and on Wednesday 20 April at 21:00 the film Wild Duck (Greece, 2013, colour, 88 min) by Yannis Sakaridis will be screened in cinema Utopia in the original Greek version with English subtitles. Not recommended for children under 16 years. 
NOTE: The screening of 19 April will be followed by a Q&A with the director.


Subtly echoing the 2005 episode dubbed "the Greek Watergate," a pair of telecom engineers set out to investigate hacker activity — make a scandalous discovery— in this timely and politically charged debut from director Yannis Sakaridis.

Wild Duck is the story of Dimitris, a telecommunications engineer who’s forced to shutter his business after running up a considerable debt with a local loan shark. He and his buddy Nikos, another telecommunications expert working for a big outfit, decide to get to the bottom of a big scandal. Their research leads them to a certain apartment, whose tenant Panagiota becomes the focus of their attention. Dimitris is now facing some major dilemmas and a trip to his hometown will help him clear his head and look at himself under a different light.

Cast: Alexandros Logothetis, Themis Bazaka, George Pyrpasopoulos, Yannis Stankoglou, Ilias Logothetis, Eleni Charantoni, Efi Tsapareli, Kostas Papakyriakou, Yannis Stampoultzis, Antonis Xylourgidis, Christos Sakaridis

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

One Last Joke | Η Τελευταία Φάρσα (2013) by Vassilis Raisis

On Tuesday 15 March at 19:00 and on Wednesday 16 March February at 21:00 the film One Last Joke (Greece, 2013, colour, 83 min) by Vassilis Raisis will be screened in cinema Utopia in the original Greek version with English subtitles. 


Four young scientists have a strange "hobby"; they love making pranks - revelations in psychics, spiritualists, etc. One of them becomes member in a group of pseudo-therapist to reveal his deception. Things, though, will not go as planned. The film was awarded at the 54th Thessaloniki Film Festival with the Fischer Audience Award Program Michael Cacogiannis. 

Starring: Nicolas Piperas Marina Kalogerou, Nikos Monastiriotis, Yota Argyropoulos, Michael Kaliotsos, Andreas Marianos

Ελληνική βερσιόν

Η Ελληνική Κινηματογραφική Λέσχη Λουξεμβούργου θα προβάλει την Τρίτη 15 Μαρτίου στις 19:00 και την Τετάρτη 16 Μαρτίου στις 21:00 στον κινηματογράφο Utopia την ταινία Η Τελευταία Φάρσα (Ελλάδα, 2013, διάρκεια 83 λεπτά, έγχρωμη) του Βασίλη Ραίση.


Τέσσερεις νέοι επιστήμονες έχουν ένα περίεργο «χόμπυ»: Να κάνουνε φάρσες – αποκαλύψεις σε μέντιουμ, πνευματιστές κλπ. Ένας από αυτούς μπαίνει στην ομάδα ενός ψευδο-θεραπευτή ώστε να αποκαλύψει την απατεωνιά. Εκεί όμως, τα πράγματα δεν θα πάνε όπως τα σχεδίασε.  Η ταινία έχει βραβευτεί με το Βραβείο Κοινού Fischer του Ελληνικού Προγράμματος Μιχάλης Κακογιάννης στο 54ο Φεστιβάλ Κινηματογράφου Θεσσαλονίκης.

Πρωταγωνιστούν: Νικόλας Πιπεράς, Μαρίνα Καλογήρου, Νίκος Μοναστηριώτης, Γιώτα Αργυροπούλου, Μιχάλης Καλιότσος, Ανδρέας Μαριανός