Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Σεπτέμβριος - Septembre (2013) by Penny Panagiotopoulou

On Tuesday 22 September at 19:00 and on Wednesday 23 September at 21:00 we will screen in cinema Utopia the film September (Greece, 2013, colour, 105 min) by Penny Panagiotopoulou. The film is in the original Greek version with French subtitles. It is not suitable for children under 16 years.


Anna is a 30-year-old woman who lives alone with her dog. Idiosyncratic and self-sufficient, she’s happy enough with her life until her dog dies and she loses direction. She suddenly finds herself looking around her, inside her and across the street to a neighbouring family who lives a completely different life to her own. She knocks on their door, hoping they will let her burry her dog in their garden, the only patch of land in their cement neighbourhood. The two women get to know each other and silently acknowledge the fact that they are alone. Each yearns for the other’s life, because no matter what choices you’ve made in your life, there’s always something you’ve left behind. And every September, the wound begins to itch and you start dreaming about a blank slate – only this time you might actually get one!

Cast: Kora Karvouni, Maria Skoula, Nikos Diamandis, Christos Stergioglou, Gioulike Skafida, Nikos Arvanitis, Anna Kalaidjidou, Anastasis Tzertzemelis, Irini Kollakou and Kenzy

About the director 

Penny Panagiotopoulou was born in Athens, studied law at the University of Athens and film directing at Stavrakos Film School. In 1985, she received her BA in Photography and Film from the Polytechnic of Central London (University of Westminster).