Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Place Called Home | Το Δέντρο και η Κούνια (2013) by Maria Douza

On Tuesday 20 October at 19:00 and on Wednesday 21 October at 21:00 we will screen in cinema Utopia the film A Place Called Home aka The Tree and the Swing (Greece / Serbia, 2013, colour, drama, 108 min) by Maria Douza. The film is in the original Greek version with English subtitles. It is not suitable for children under 16 years.


Eleni, a professor of cardiology in London, has been estranged from her father, Kyriakos, for many years. Kyriakos has never forgiven her for leaving Greece, her country. When Eleni’s husband, Harris, is posted to China on an open-ended contract, she realizes the danger of a new uprooting and decides to visit Greece and make peace with her father. But when she reaches home, nothing she finds is as she expects. 

That's how the director, Maria Douza explains what inspired her to make this film during an interview with MoviesMovesMe: "I think the time (inspired me). I started writing it in early 2003 – many years ago. At that time, the subject of immigration was (and still is) very topical in our life and in Greek society. The Greek society, for the first time, was confronting the advent of immigrants from Eastern Europe, from Albania: they started coming already in the 90s. That was some kind of a second reality that we experienced in Greece and the people were growing very xenophobic, very negative and so on. And everybody wanted to deal with this issue somehow. You could not ignore it."