Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Jace (2011)

On Tuesday 25 February at 19:00 and on Wednesday 26 Febaruary at 21:00 we will screen in cinema Utopia the film Jace (Greece, colour, 2011, 142 min) written and directed by by Menelaos Karamaghiolis. The film is in the original Greek version with English subtitles. Not suitable for children under 16 years.


Jace is of Greek origin, born in Albania, the illegitimate son of a woman who is brutally murdered by her own family when, a little after giving birth to him, she refuses to reveal his father’s identity. The orphan boy grows up amidst more violence. He is barely seven when witnesses a massacre. His foster family in Gjirokaster falls prey to the Albanian mob. The villains spare the boy, but they turn him into a murderer, by forcing him to shoot – on the spot – his foster father. Now in the hands of obscure gangsters who "expert" homeless children for various reasons (reasons ranging from beggary to organ trade), J.A.C.E. is immediately "exported" and ends up in Athens, Greece, begging at street corners, exploring the secret horrors of brutal institutions for young offenders or serving obscure patrons, in a world where violent loss seems to be his only destiny. The movie follows Jace's inverted Odyssey through time in a dark universe of abuse, murder and fear, as he desperately (and silently) seeks for a "family" and a sense of belonging.