Monday, 20 May 2019

Σ'αυτή τη χώρα κανείς δεν ήξερε να κλαίει | In this land nobody knew how to cry (2018) by Giorgos Panoussopoulos

On Tuesday 18 June at 19:00 and on Wednesday 19 June at 21:00 the comedy In this land nobody knew how to cry (Greece, 2018, 90 min, colour, in the Greek original version with English subtitles) by Giorgos Panoussopoulos will be screened in cinema Utopia. The film is suitable for children older than 16 years.


In this unconventional comedy, a French member of the European Parliament and his assistant, a Greek economist, end up in Armenaki, an islet lost somewhere in the Aegean Sea. They are there in an official political mission and obstinate to finish the work as soon as possible. However, the place and its residents are said to be miraculous and able to change people's lives. A spiral of unforeseen events we'll not let them go and force both to reconsider their way of thinking and living. They meet with a visionary teacher and a rugged widow and let themselves get carried away by the vortex of love. They finally decide to live in freedom.

Without roads, money or banks Armenaki is a paradise for easy-going, flirtatious, fun-loving people. A comedy full of summer, a healthy amount of madness, love and passion for life.


Margarita Panousopoulou, Babis Xatzidakis, Foteini Tsakiri, Yannis Hatziyannis, Valeria Christodoulidou, Stavros Mermigis, Serge Requet-Barville


A few words about the director

Giorgos Panoussopoulos, born in 1942 lives and works in Athens. In 1978 he directed his first feature film, Honeymoon, and since 1968 he has filmed seven feature films and over a thousand commercial spots as director, cinematographer and producer. He has worked with many distinguished directors such as Pantelis Voulgaris, Theo Aggelopoulos and Nikos Perakis.

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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Επιστροφή στην κορυφή | 2917: Back to the top (2018) by Stratis Chatzielenoudas

On Tuesday 14 May at 19:00 and on Wednesday 15 May at 21:00 the documentary BACK TO THE TOP (Greece, 2018, 95 min, colour, in the Greek original version with English subtitles) by Stratis Chatzielenoudas will be screened in cinema Utopia. The film is suitable for children older than 16 years.


Back to the Top chronicles the never-give-up attitude of Leonidas, a wheelchair-bound punk band drummer in his early 30s who sets out to conquer the 2,917-meter peak of Mount Olympus with the help of a bunch of good friends.


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Monday, 1 April 2019

DJAM (2017) by Tony Gatlif

On Tuesday 9 April at 19:00 and on Wednesday 10 April at 21:00 the Greek cinema club will screen the film DJAM by Tony Gatlif  (France, Greece, Turkey, 2017, 97 min, in the French and Greek original version with english subtitles) in cine Utopia.

The film is suitable for children older than 16 years.
Tickets will be available 30 minutes before the screenings.


Djam, a young Greek woman, is sent to Istanbul by her uncle Kakourgos, a former sailor and passionate fan of Rebetiko, on a mission to find a rare engine part for their boat. There she meets Avril, 19, who came from France to volunteer with refugees, ran out of money, and knows no one in Turkey. As their destinies cross, the ecstasy of music will lead them into a journey towards freedom.
A female road movie set between Greece and Turkey, that looks at current cultural, social and economic issues that afflict that part of Europe today, but that also celebrates the traditional Greek song form rebetiko.


Daphné Patakia, Simon Abkarian, Maryne Cayon, Kimon Kouris, Solon Lekkas, Yannis Bostantzoglou, Eleftheria Komi


Toni Gatlif was born in Algeria of Pied noir ancestry. After his childhood there, Gatlif arrived in France in 1960 following the Algerian War of Independence. He works as a screenwriter, composer, actor, and producer. His 2004 film Exils, won the Best Director Award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. interview with Tony Gatlif


1993 Latcho Drom, 1997 Gadjo dilo, 2000 Vengo, 2001 Swing, 2004 Exils, 2012 Indignados, 2017 Djam

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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Έξοδος 1826 | 1826 A road of no return (2017) by Vasilis Tsikaras

On Tuesday 19 March at 19:00 and on Wednesday 20 March at 21:00 the Greek cinema club will screen the film Exodos 1826 by Vasilis Tsikaras in cine Utopia.

Tickets will be available 30 minutes before the screenings.


A war drama based on the historical research of the author and director Vassilis Tsikaras. 

The story is based on true events and the Greek folk song "Sons of Samarina", about 120 brave men who rushed to fight alongside the besieged Greeks during the heroic Exodus of Missolonghi in 1826.


Dimitris Papadopoulos, Leonidas Kakouris, Maria Androutsou, Christos Batzios, Vasilis Tsikaras

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Ρόζα της Σμύρνης | Roza of Smyrna (2016) by Giorgos Kordellas

On Tuesday 26 February at 19:00 and on Wednesday 27 February at 21:00 the film Roza of Smyrna Sunday (Greece, 2016, 95 min, colour, English subtitles) by Giorgos Kordellas will be screened in cinema Utopia. The film is not suitable for children under 16 years.


Izmir 1922: Young Roza, the child of a wealthy family, is preparing to get married.
Athens 1987: Roza lives with her granddaughter Mariana and along with powerful Ismael, carries a well-kept secret that she does not will to share with anyone.
But the passion of a collector, Dimitris a young architect, leads him to the coast of Asia Minor and more specifically to the footsteps of enigmatic Roza. An old photo and a wedding dress is enough to retract an old love story and a new to be born.
The smell of the antique shops, the charm of the trips, the challenge of the mystery, the power of love in past and present, create the atmosphere and the itinerary of the heroes in Athens, Izmir and Istanbul to discover that people’s short stories are the ones that seal the great History.


Tasos Nousias, Evgenia Dimitropoulou, Leda Protopsalti, Yılmaz Gruda, Yulika Skafida, Petros Lagoutis, Cem Aksakal, Haris Emmanouil, Kostas Kazanas, Aysan Sümercan, Giannis Thomas, Penny Agorastou.


Thursday, 10 January 2019

Θέλετε να γίνετε μέλη στην Ελληνική Κινηματογραφική Λέσχη Λουξεμβούργου;

Η συνδρομή για το 2019 σας προσφέρει:

- Μειωμένο εισιτήριο 5€ στις προβολές της Ciné-Club Hellénique de Luxembourg στον κινηματογράφο Ciné Utopia.

- Ενεργό συμμετοχή στην επιλογή ταινιών και τον προγραμματισμό εκδηλώσεων!

- Άμεση πληροφόρηση για τις δραστηριότητες της Λέσχης, και Δικαίωμα ψήφου στις γενικές συνελεύσεις.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Ουζερί Τσιτσάνης | Cloudy Sunday (2015) by Manousos Manousakis

On Tuesday 22 January at 19:00 and on Wednesday 23 January at 21:00 the film Cloudy Sunday (Greece, 2015, 116 min, colour, English subtitles) by Manousos Manousakis will be screened in cinema Utopia. The film not suitable for children under 16 years.


During the tumultuous 1943, against the backdrop of a German-occupied Thessaloniki, two star-crossed lovers struggle to surmount prejudice and fear, as the brutalities against the town's persecuted Jewish community escalate.
A box office hit in Greece, this is a powerful and beautifully rendered telling of war-time romance in Thessaloniki between a Jewish girl and a young resistance fighter. Cloudy Sunday is a compelling drama about love, and about the evil and brutality of war, made even more poignant by the wistful songs of famous songwriter Vassilis Tsitsanis and the enchanting classics of Sephardic Jewish music.

Inspired by real events, and adapted from George Skarbadonis’s novel Ouzeri Tsitsanis.


Andreas Konstantinou, Haris Fragoulis, Christina Hilla Fameli, Vasiliki Troufakou, Yannis Stankoglou, Gerasimos Skiadaressis, Alberto Eskenazy, Maria Kavoukidou, Mihalis Aerakis


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A few words about the director

Manousos Manousakis was born in Athens, Greece as Manousos Tatakis. He is a director and writer, known for I Skiahtra (1985), Vartholomaios (1974) and Arhontes (1977). He is nephew of Irene Papas. He is an avid sailor and has won several regattas.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Απολογισμός δεκαετίας plus

Η Ελληνική Κινηματογραφική Λέσχη Λουξεμβούργου λειτουργεί ανελλιπώς ως Μη Κερδοσκοπική Οργάνωση από το 2002 προβάλλοντας Ελληνικές ταινίες των τελευταίων κυρίως δεκαετιών. Οι προβολές γίνονται μία φορά το μήνα στον κινηματογράφο Utopia και οι ταινίες είναι σε original version με αγγλικούς ή γαλλικούς υπότιτλους, ενώ ενίοτε προσκαλούνται και οι σκηνοθέτες των ταινιών για να προλογίσουν την ταινία τους και να δεχτούν ερωτήσεις από το κοινό.

Προς χάριν ενημέρωσης, παραθέτουμε εδώ όλες τις ταινίες που έχει προβάλλει η Ελληνική Κινηματογραφική Λέσχη Λουξεμβούργου ή αλλιώς CineClub Hellenique από το 2002. Οι προβολές συνεχίζονται κανονικά και τακτική ενημέρωση παρέχεται μέσω αυτού του Blog και του μηνιαίου μας Newsletter, στο οποίο μπορείτε να εγγραφείτε εδώ.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Kissing? | Όντως φιλιούνται; [2016] by Yannis Korres

On Tuesday 11 December at 19:00 and on Wednesday 12 December at 21:00 the film KISSING? (Greece, 2016, 77 min, colour, English subtitles) by Yannis Korres will be screened in cinema Utopia. The film not suitable for children under 16 years.


Just before turning thirty Danny and Stella belong to an undefined generation, shaken by the financial crisis at a time they should be prospering and set adrift in its aftermath.

But while the confusion and chaos of the world passes them by, Danny thinks he’s too good for it, Stella thinks it’s not good enough for her and the question remains: Are they good enough for each other?

This is the chronicle of their relationship that reveals the portrait of their generation with sarcastic humour and sincerity.


Thanasis Petropoulos, Iro-Eleni Bezou, Omiros Poulakis


What did the press say

A few words about the director

He was born in Athens in 1986. He studied Filmmaking at the Film and Television Department of New York College. He then worked on short and feature films as an assistant director. Kissing? is his feature film debut.

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Drama short films festival

Drama Short Film Festival travels to Luxembourg: this month we are bringing you the best short Greek films that were awarded prizes in the 2017 Short Film Festival in Drama.

Please note that this time Cine Club Hellénique makes an exception by bringing variety in our two-day screenings. In order to be able to screen every single film that won a prize or a distinction in "2017 Short Film Festival in Drama", we have a different programme for each of the two days of our screenings. You can pick the day that inspires you the most, or join us both days!

Screenings are taking place at Utopia Cinema, as usual. Program as follows:

Tuesday, November 20 at 19.00 

Play / Vangelis LIBEROPOULOS / 32 min
Profiterol / Chrysanthi KARFI COI / 13 min
The Method / Charis GIOULATOS / 13 min
Life after / Christos SAGIAS / 17 min
Mad Dogs / Danae PAPAIOANNOU / 12 min
The Ticket / Haris STATHOPOULOS / 17 min
Ourania / Despoina KOURTI / 16 min
The insignificant of Eleni Pavli / Μichael HAPESHIS /16 min

(total time 136 min)

Wednesday, November 21 at 21.00

Goodnight / Thanos KERMITSIS / 35 min
Brazuca / Faidonas GKRETSIKOS /19 min
Testing Greta / Abbie LUCAS / 11 min
Maneki Neko / Manolis MAVRIS / 19 min
Dam / Giorgos TELTZIDIS / 17 min
Freezer / Dimitris NAKOS / 16 min
Christmas Anti-Fable / Efthimios CHATZIS / 26 min

(total time 143 min)

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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Polyxeni | Ποξυξένη (2017) by Dora Masklavanou

On Tuesday 16 October at 19:00 and on Wednesday 17 October at 21:00 the film Polyxeni (Greece, 2017, 100min, colour) by Dora Masklavanou will be screened in cinema Utopia in Greek and Turkish original language with English subtitles. The film is not suitable for children under 16 years.


A family of strangers, a foster homeland and a doomed romance. She was a pauper and an heiress. A girl whose greatest misfortune was to be blessed. Inspired by true events.

In 1955 a couple of prominent Greeks living in Istanbul adopt an orphan Greek girl from the town of their origin. They offer her a powerful family name and ensure her devotion. Twelve-year-old Polyxeni is separated from her younger brother. She embarks on a new life and a future that looks bright. She receives an education, comes of age and falls in love. She has a lust for life, while unsuspicious of the devious plan of annihilation that others are weaving behind her back, targeting her large inheritance.


Katia Goulioni, Özgür Emre Yıldırım, Lydia Fotopoulou, Akilas Karazisis, Alexandros Mylonas, Ivonni Maltezou, Errìkos Lìtsis, Argiris Pantazaras, Costas Xikominos, Vassilis Koukalani

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Son of Sofia | Ο Γιος της Σοφίας [2017] by Elina Psykou

On Tuesday 18 September at 19:00 and on Wednesday 19 September at 21:00 the film The Son of Sofia (Greece/ France/Bulgaria, 2017, 110min, colour) by Elina Psykou will be screened in cinema Utopia in the original Greek and Russian version with English subtitles. The film not suitable for children under 16 years.


Athens, 2004 summer Olympic Games. 11-year-old Misha arrives from Russia to live with his mother, Sofia. What he doesn’t know is that there is a father waiting for him there. While Greece is living the Olympic dream, Misha will get violently catapulted into the adult world, riding on the dark side of his favourite fairy tales.

“Son of Sofia” is a violent, absurd, urban fairy tale about the inability to express and accept love. It's a story about the clandestine violence of family love and at the same time a story about how we raise our children and how our homeland grooms future citizens. Two men vie for one woman’s attention, just like two different worlds stake their claim to the same society.

In that sense, it is essentially about identity formation: national, religious, sexual, linguistic and political. The historical background is the summer of 2004, when Athens was hosting the Olympic Games. It’s the moment when the country’s socioeconomic rise had reached its peak and - in hindsight - the moment that marked the beginning of the end of Greece's national innocence, an experience similar to the coming of age of son of Sofia. At the end of the film, nothing will ever be the same - neither for Greece nor for the young protagonist.