Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Winter | Ο Χειμώνας (2014) by Konstantinos Koutsoliotas

On Tuesday 17 March at 19:00 and on Wednesday 18 March at 21:00 we will screen in cinema Utopia the film The Winter (Greece, 2014, colour, 105 min) directed by Konstantinos Koutsoliotas. The film is in the original Greek version with English subtitles.


Niko is a romantic, young Greek writer living in London. When his finances go astray, he hides out in the neglected family house in the Greek mountain town of Siatista. Surrounded by the ghosts of the past, Niko must uncover the mystery of his father's death and retain his grasp on reality.

The Winter premiered at the 54th Thessaloniki International Film Festival in two sold-out screenings. In 2014, the US Premiere is slated for the New York City Greek Film Festival in October, and the Australian Premiere will take place at the 21st Greek Film Festival of Australia.

The film is a unique mix of fantasy and magical realism shot in the Greek village Siatista, as well as in London and was nominated for Best Scenography award at Greek Academy Awards 2014.

Cast : Theo Albanis, Vangelis Mourikis, Efi Papatheodorou
Soundtrack : Active Member/La Bruja Muerta

Was the press impressed?

Reviewers are ravishing over the visual aspects of the film. This is how Michelle Gross describes it:

"The Winter is a visual masterpiece! So entrenched in the visual aspect of the film, I viewed it 2 more times to capture all of what the film has to offer. There’s so much to experience. The Winter’s richly layered aesthetics are met with a simplicity in storytelling."

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